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Credit Guarantee,HighQuality,InnovativeProducts,Perfect Service


Credit Guarantee,HighQuality,InnovativeProducts,Perfect Service

Attending the 20th beauty show in Hong Kong

ShengZhuang will attend the 20th on November 11 asia-pacific beauty exhibition in Hong Kong,More than 2300 exhibitors from all over the world will be on November 11 to 13, 2015 in ...Check the details >>

Beijing Cosmetic Association work conference

June 11, 2015, Beijing day of the second annual meeting of the 2015 work conference held in Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company. Meeting around the "how to play the a...Check the details >>

Attend the Asia Pacific

BeiJing ShengZhuang to attend the Asia Pacific beauty show. BeiJing ShengZhuang attention cosmetic design, research and development, production for 20...Check the details >>

Practice base of Beijin

Beijing Technology and Business University campus practice base students Shengzhuang of Beijing family company ushered in the tourist experience Sheng...Check the details >>

The world looks at Chin

The world looks at China beauty makeup look Shengzhuang. Beijing Shengzhuang, to participate in the Hongkong cosmetics show for 13 years. 13 years wit...Check the details >>

About us

We are one of the most powerful cosmetic processing enterprises.

Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company Is China's most has the advantage of cosmetic processing and manufacturing enterprises. Design, research, education, production are upheld as the core principles for the sustainable development of the company. As a cosmetic manufacturer, we are also aiming to furnish customers with... Check the details >>
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